New World. New Skills

Back in September 2020, over a couple of days I had the opportunity to take part in the PwC UK digital academy. The digital academies (delivered virtually) are in place to help digitally transform our workforce allowing us to utilise data to solve business challenges. 

Some people may have insight into Alteryx and Tableau already in their role but for me these were largely new tools (certainly creating rather than simply viewing). I’ve been blown away by how intuitive these systems are and how taking lengthy spreadsheets and converting them allows much clearer understanding and analysis. 

I have never considered myself very technologically enabled. I have the usual gadgets but do I use them properly – I’m not sure. They do something for me but I’m sure I could get more out of technology to make my life more straightforward. The digital academy allows technology to make the working world more straightforward for people like me. I’ll take this forward into my day job but also use the curiosity it has awoken to explore how I can get more from my other devices. 

In simple terms, “Alexa, I’m going to figure you out!”.

In broader terms it makes me very proud to be part of an organisation with such a focus on #digitalupskilling – whether it’s your first day or for those of us who have received a long service award.

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