We don’t need another meeting

For those who are considered “office workers” there are a number of different aspects of the working day. Pre pandemic (to be generic) there would have been a day scattered with meetings, key messages being delivered by leadership (or maybe you are the leadership delivering), solving problems and building relationships with teams. Our workplaces areContinue reading “We don’t need another meeting”

We need to look after ourselves

So I have not been able to write recently – life has gotten very busy. A combination of family and work related challenges has meant that I needed to focus elsewhere and to unwind I have been trying to spend more time outside enjoying the natural world. Particularly as the evenings have become lighter IContinue reading “We need to look after ourselves”

Making home working a success

Working at home can be a positive experience. You just need to make sure you are prepared.  With more people working remotely, you need to think about how you create an environment that allows this time spent to be productive. Remote working is a part of the future way of working and therefore we needContinue reading “Making home working a success”

New World. New Skills

Back in September 2020, over a couple of days I had the opportunity to take part in the PwC UK digital academy. The digital academies (delivered virtually) are in place to help digitally transform our workforce allowing us to utilise data to solve business challenges.  Some people may have insight into Alteryx and Tableau alreadyContinue reading “New World. New Skills”

Planes, trains and swimming lessons

A blog from a few years ago, still relevant in today’s world. I recently read a statistic that 42% of the UK’s working age carers are male but only 72% are in employment. It that good or bad? It feels bad and has certainly made me think about my own personal situation.  I’m just aContinue reading “Planes, trains and swimming lessons”