Podcasts, pride and a spot of gardening!

Some weeks are quiet. Some weeks you don’t feel like you stop. My week was the latter! But two things really stand out from my week. To start the week, a shout out from Samantha McClary on the EG Sunday podcast. I think my love of real estate podcasts is obviously becoming wide knowledge! SeriouslyContinue reading “Podcasts, pride and a spot of gardening!”

Making home working a success

Working at home can be a positive experience. You just need to make sure you are prepared.  With more people working remotely, you need to think about how you create an environment that allows this time spent to be productive. Remote working is a part of the future way of working and therefore we needContinue reading “Making home working a success”

1, 2, ….. 10,000! A wander into nature!

Time is finite. Energy is renewable. It is a favourite saying of mine and I think reflects how alot of us feel sometimes that time is up against us. Overlay to this a push to achieve the magic 10,000 steps. I mean surely that’s not achievable each day!!  “I’m too busy”. “I don’t have timeContinue reading “1, 2, ….. 10,000! A wander into nature!”

Planes, trains and swimming lessons

A blog from a few years ago, still relevant in today’s world. I recently read a statistic that 42% of the UK’s working age carers are male but only 72% are in employment. It that good or bad? It feels bad and has certainly made me think about my own personal situation.  I’m just aContinue reading “Planes, trains and swimming lessons”

How a tweet or two can help your wellbeing

My article, as published in Estates Gazette 20 November 2020: https://www.egi.co.uk/news/how-a-tweet-or-two-can-help-your-wellbeing/ Social media tools have undoubtedly changed the way we communicate with each other. A new form of communication that allowed us to be connected to friends, family and strangers, sharing and consuming all forms of information. But there is a debate about whether socialContinue reading “How a tweet or two can help your wellbeing”

The one lasting impact of Covid-19? The impact on the nation’s mental health

As published in Estates Gazette: 1 June 2020 COMMENT Most of us have now been in some form of isolation for more than two months – it’s definitely an interesting time and, post-Mental Health Awareness Week, a good time to reflect. Where necessary, some of us may have been going into workplaces, and many ofContinue reading “The one lasting impact of Covid-19? The impact on the nation’s mental health”