Well, I still need to talk! We all do!

This feels like an update on the past few years. A few years ago I wrote a piece accepting that I have mental health challenges. It talked about that perception you can create about yourself. That view that people see of someone calm and serene – dare I say happy. But as I have exploredContinue reading “Well, I still need to talk! We all do!”

It comes down to flexibility, culture and community, does it?

I sit down and talk to my eldest son. He is only 11. We have one of those conversations where you are not sure where it might go. It went to the past of how things are now and how he struggles to comprehend a world without the internet, with only limited TV channels andContinue reading “It comes down to flexibility, culture and community, does it?”

We must do better for our working environments

There have been a fair number of posts recently about people returning to the office. Now I’m a fan of the office and it serves a part of my working time – that said I see the benefits of alternating working models and spend my time split across both home, corporate office and co-working spaces.Continue reading “We must do better for our working environments”

We need to look after ourselves

So I have not been able to write recently – life has gotten very busy. A combination of family and work related challenges has meant that I needed to focus elsewhere and to unwind I have been trying to spend more time outside enjoying the natural world. Particularly as the evenings have become lighter IContinue reading “We need to look after ourselves”

Our health deserves better

Following my last blog: Built Environment & Our Health I have continued to explore the linkage between health and the built environment.  Our health can be split into mental and physical health. Mental health refers to cognitive, behavioral, and emotional well-being. It is all about how people think, feel, and behave. Physical health is theContinue reading “Our health deserves better”

The built environment and our health

The built environment is a key impactor on our lives. It can either support or harm our physical & mental health, our wellbeing and overall quality of life. Our homes where we live, our workplaces (which could be our home, office or another location), our leisure space and our learning space. They all cross overContinue reading “The built environment and our health”