The evolution of real estate in 2023

We are now in 2023. How did that happen? My fortieth year on this planet and how so much has changed. It is quite eye opening to have children. To see how they live their lives compared to how I did. All homework set on Microsoft teams, accessible by multiple devices and submitted online. TheContinue reading “The evolution of real estate in 2023”

2021; I mean, you certainly delivered something!

It is time to welcome in the new year. 2022, wow! Well I mean 2020 was a rollercoaster and I don’t think 2021 has been any less bumpy. Here’s hoping that 2022 provides some route to less uncertainty and not more knowledge of Greek symbols. I could rant and complain about 2021. Things were cancelled.Continue reading “2021; I mean, you certainly delivered something!”

Tomatoes, chillies and a whole lot of oregano!

Another chapter comes to an end but this time it’s a Central American adventure. In late 2019 I received the cookbook “Mexico” by Rick Stein. Up to this point I enjoyed the life of Old El Paso and didn’t really stray far from this. From empanadas to fajitas Mexican food has always been tasty andContinue reading “Tomatoes, chillies and a whole lot of oregano!”

A splash of technology in our working lives

Welcome back to …. well nothing new. Pretty sure you’ve been working over the last 18 months, just maybe not in the place you are used to working in. Over the last three weeks I have taken some time out to spend with the family but have done some work along the way. I’ve workedContinue reading “A splash of technology in our working lives”