The caterpillar office is about to spread its wings and fly! 

The transformation of the office has been ongoing for a number of years. We just haven’t really noticed the slight tweaks here and there. It’s more noticeable when you compare recent builds to those from a few decades ago. The transformation now though is ramping up. The office needs to become a destination for people.Continue reading “The caterpillar office is about to spread its wings and fly! “

Podcasts, pride and a spot of gardening!

Some weeks are quiet. Some weeks you don’t feel like you stop. My week was the latter! But two things really stand out from my week. To start the week, a shout out from Samantha McClary on the EG Sunday podcast. I think my love of real estate podcasts is obviously becoming wide knowledge! SeriouslyContinue reading “Podcasts, pride and a spot of gardening!”

Making home working a success

Working at home can be a positive experience. You just need to make sure you are prepared.  With more people working remotely, you need to think about how you create an environment that allows this time spent to be productive. Remote working is a part of the future way of working and therefore we needContinue reading “Making home working a success”

There is still value in the office!

Our offices of March 2020 and before: are they fit for the post lockdown world? Do we need to adapt? What solutions could be implemented? There are a lot of questions – some businesses will know the answer and others will not yet have given proper thought. With an adapting workforce, what offerings do youContinue reading “There is still value in the office!”

Seek out opportunities during disruption

The light is shining at the end of the tunnel. The buzz and excitement of visiting cities, visiting the office and most importantly seeing 3D people! Gosh imagine that first handshake or hug (when allowed)! The positive feel at the moment is good BUT we must also not forget that we can’t just return toContinue reading “Seek out opportunities during disruption”

The office is dead. The office is dead. Bull&%$t

The office is dead. The office is dead. Bullshit!  Is it me or does it feel like a war of words at the moment between corporates – some pushing for a return to the office, others advertising a more remote future for the business and then others like PwC formalising a hybrid working model. ButContinue reading “The office is dead. The office is dead. Bull&%$t”

Does our entire lives need to be a hybrid?

No matter which side of the fence you are on it is clear – a hybrid working model, mixing remote and office working is here to stay. This does not mean that everyone will work from home and this does not mean you won’t be able to work in the office full-time but more theContinue reading “Does our entire lives need to be a hybrid?”