Our health deserves better

Following my last blog: Built Environment & Our Health I have continued to explore the linkage between health and the built environment.  Our health can be split into mental and physical health. Mental health refers to cognitive, behavioral, and emotional well-being. It is all about how people think, feel, and behave. Physical health is theContinue reading “Our health deserves better”

The built environment and our health

The built environment is a key impactor on our lives. It can either support or harm our physical & mental health, our wellbeing and overall quality of life. Our homes where we live, our workplaces (which could be our home, office or another location), our leisure space and our learning space. They all cross overContinue reading “The built environment and our health”

Time to turn the oil tanker

Over the last few weeks I have been taking part in an online course entitled ‘Future Proof Real Estate’ delivered by Dror Poleg and Antony Slumbers (learn more here: Future-Proof Real Estate Course — Real Innovation Academy – Real Innovation Academy).  I decided to take the course for one specific purpose: to understand the keyContinue reading “Time to turn the oil tanker”

Are we remote? Are we hybrid? What does it all mean?

Are we remote? Are we hybrid? What does it all mean? Confused some people maybe with terminology flying around and arguments for and against each of them. Human nature is to be wary of change and therefore suddenly thrusting all this upon people is naturally going to make people nervous and uneasy. It’s all understandable. Continue reading “Are we remote? Are we hybrid? What does it all mean?”

Changes are coming to commercial real estate!

Recently Euan received a Cadburys Creme Egg – I remember when you only got them at Easter yet here we are in November!. The first thing that came to my mind was “how do you eat yours?” which is a broad question you can adapt to thinking about where we work “where do you doContinue reading “Changes are coming to commercial real estate!”

What does #futureofwork look like for your organisation?

It’s now October 2021. The pandemic commenced early 2020. It’s been a long time really! It may also be a long time until organisations settle on what will work best for them going forward. Large or small, there is a need to determine what works best for business AND the employees. We’re all in thisContinue reading “What does #futureofwork look like for your organisation?”

The opportunity of a lifetime to rebase skills has commenced

The built environment. From constructing to landlord and beyond. They are responsible for where we live, work, play and learn. But is it an industry that people actually want to be part of? In a world where social responsibility is driving a lot of decisions and a strong focus on sustainability it is time toContinue reading “The opportunity of a lifetime to rebase skills has commenced”

An agile workforce needs an agile office

The future of the office. It has a future but what is it? With an even more agile workforce and technology enabling significant elements of work to be performed wherever and whenever – there is a need to rethink our offices.  Agility seems to be becoming a keyword. An agile workforce has large benefits andContinue reading “An agile workforce needs an agile office”

How do you create an office you want to visit?

Weekends feel like weekends again. Time to reflect yet also feeling incredibly busy with the family. Just how I like it. Although I have recently been writing more about not going to the office. I thought it made sense to write a little around how the office may be in the future. How do youContinue reading “How do you create an office you want to visit?”