We don’t need another meeting

For those who are considered “office workers” there are a number of different aspects of the working day. Pre pandemic (to be generic) there would have been a day scattered with meetings, key messages being delivered by leadership (or maybe you are the leadership delivering), solving problems and building relationships with teams. Our workplaces areContinue reading “We don’t need another meeting”

We still need offices but the right office for the right team

There is a changing world all around us. It is changing how we approach work. The pandemic accelerated an evolution that had already started. There are two key parts to this – a cultural and a physical change. A reluctance to accept these changes and focus more on “presenteeism” will undoubtedly not end well. TheContinue reading “We still need offices but the right office for the right team”

Real Estate can’t live on past glories

“It’s not what you know, it’s who you know” – Is that the right saying? You think you may know real estate but do your potential customers know you and more importantly do you really know them? The industry has been providing access to an asset and product (so to speak) but what the lastContinue reading “Real Estate can’t live on past glories”

It comes down to flexibility, culture and community, does it?

I sit down and talk to my eldest son. He is only 11. We have one of those conversations where you are not sure where it might go. It went to the past of how things are now and how he struggles to comprehend a world without the internet, with only limited TV channels andContinue reading “It comes down to flexibility, culture and community, does it?”

We must do better for our working environments

There have been a fair number of posts recently about people returning to the office. Now I’m a fan of the office and it serves a part of my working time – that said I see the benefits of alternating working models and spend my time split across both home, corporate office and co-working spaces.Continue reading “We must do better for our working environments”

Imagine if our cities were a little bit better!

Our built environment has largely been in place for many years and is therefore simply not fit for a modern world. A world where we have to be more sustainable. We have to reduce our impact on the environment while maintaining places that serve a purpose for us – whether to live, work, play orContinue reading Imagine if our cities were a little bit better!

It’s not about us versus them. It’s about choice.

Why are we so black and white about things? Why can’t there be acceptance that one way or the other isn’t necessarily the answer. Remote first vs office first. How about making a choice first? All this talk of exodus from the office and lambasting those who say how much they enjoyed working from theContinue reading It’s not about us versus them. It’s about choice.

It’s time climate change actions occurred!

If an organisation doesn’t have climate change at the top of the agenda at the moment then questions need to be raised. Now I’m sure you can quote some organisations where rightly it shouldn’t be top of the list but the general point is most should. Investors want net-zero commitments AND actions. The regulators areContinue reading “It’s time climate change actions occurred!”