Just a few thoughts on construction

So let us take stock. After a year of pandemic, the exit from the European Union and the ever rising climate risk it’s good to take stock. Unsurprisingly the construction industry naturally has encountered challenges: shortage of materials, social distancing restrictions and amendments to contracts. There has been a year of conserving cash and re-assessingContinue reading “Just a few thoughts on construction”

Building dialogue, building homes – Why the public and private sectors need to shape a shared vision to address the UK housing shortage

That the UK has a major housing problem is universally agreed. The generally agreed target of 200,000 new homes per year that need building to address the current housing annual housing need remains just that: a target. Private and public sector development totals are falling significantly short, with current annual completions standing in the regionContinue reading “Building dialogue, building homes – Why the public and private sectors need to shape a shared vision to address the UK housing shortage”

Can we print our way out of a crisis?

The concept of a housing crisis is discussed in many contexts each day. The housing crisis or problem is nothing new, it’s just become topical to highlight it more. The housing crisis has been many years in the making caused by a lack of new houses being built. The public sector has abandoned large scaleContinue reading “Can we print our way out of a crisis?”

After the storm comes the rays of sunshine (hopefully)

On 16 March 2020 the lives of many changed. On the same date the previously bustling buildings in our towns and cities suddenly became rows of empty chairs, desks, floors and so forth. The workplaces of many are reduced to kitchen worktops and sofas. The ordering of office furniture sees a sudden surge as theContinue reading “After the storm comes the rays of sunshine (hopefully)”

The modern world of construction

I wrote the below blog in 2019 for Constructing Excellence. Having re-read I can see a lot is still topical and the modernisation of construction still has a fair way to go, although credit for the progress made by many. The firms disrupting are still doing that at different paces. Sekisui House has formed aContinue reading “The modern world of construction”

Some reflections on what next!

In an unprecedented year for many of us there is a lot to look back on and feel that progress has been made. There are however areas where more needs to be done.  In 2020, Proptech has become more familiar within the everyday. There is now a significant number of proptech businesses in both theContinue reading “Some reflections on what next!”

Technological advancement of the home

Our lives are being changed by a rise in technology – and our homes are being dramatically changed alongside.  There is rarely a day goes by where I don’t have a discussion with one of my children that involves the sentence “in my day” when breaking up an argument. There are large parts of everydayContinue reading “Technological advancement of the home”

Think to the future – innovate, digitise and be resilient!

“Never let a good crisis go to waste” Winston Churchill Mr Churchill really was onto something with this quote. A crisis, let’s be honest, is not pleasant for many. The last few months have seen heartache for many reasons and the future will no doubt bring bad times to many. The point of the quoteContinue reading “Think to the future – innovate, digitise and be resilient!”

A few thoughts on technology

From the moment you awake to the point you close your eye technology, and specifically AI, is impacting your life. Some of the examples are as simple as autopilot or cruise control in the vehicles we frequently use or even just the wizardry that recommends what programmes we might like. Artificial intelligence is set toContinue reading “A few thoughts on technology”