It’s time climate change actions occurred!

If an organisation doesn’t have climate change at the top of the agenda at the moment then questions need to be raised. Now I’m sure you can quote some organisations where rightly it shouldn’t be top of the list but the general point is most should. Investors want net-zero commitments AND actions. The regulators areContinue reading “It’s time climate change actions occurred!”

Are we building the right types of homes?

There is a debate that rumbles. Apartments or houses? Is it a personal choice or one put upon us. There has been substantial investment by institutions into apartments but houses still dominate our residential needs. Over 75% of the UK population live in a house. A national survey highlighted that over 90% wanted to liveContinue reading “Are we building the right types of homes?”

PwC comments on the IHS Markit Construction PMI January Index

Lee Wilkinson, PwC Real Assets director, said: “The UK construction sector saw the challenges brought on by growing skills shortages, price inflation and supply chain issues reach a peak in 2021.  “Built up demand is now coming through, however, and recent announcements about investment in infrastructure and regional cities are positive and will help toContinue reading “PwC comments on the IHS Markit Construction PMI January Index”

Technology and new materials could be the answer!

The world of construction needs to evolve and adapt. A number of recent issues have highlighted this – challenges with the supply chain, rising material and labour costs and a huge spotlight on the sector that contributes significantly (in a bad way) to climate change. There needs to be change but the good news isContinue reading “Technology and new materials could be the answer!”

The opportunity of a lifetime to rebase skills has commenced

The built environment. From constructing to landlord and beyond. They are responsible for where we live, work, play and learn. But is it an industry that people actually want to be part of? In a world where social responsibility is driving a lot of decisions and a strong focus on sustainability it is time toContinue reading “The opportunity of a lifetime to rebase skills has commenced”

Can technology help construction?

A number of years ago Modernise or Die was published for the construction sector. Since this point there have been some improvements and changes to the sector but like always more can be done. The sector still has large elements of manual and “how it’s all being” mentality. It’s time to move on from old-fashionedContinue reading “Can technology help construction?”

Construction sector is adaptable and resilient!

My comments below from: The construction sector’s adaptability and resilience during the pandemic period has given it a strong foundation for growth. Lee Wilkinson, director in PwC’s construction team, explains: According to the UKEO, construction is among the few sectors to fully recover to pre-crisis levels. It recognises the sector’s adaptability to operating under lockdown restrictionsContinue reading “Construction sector is adaptable and resilient!”

Is technology here to stay in construction

So technology …. That will never catch on will it!  Well we are now in a world where robotic arms lay bricks in our houses. In some cases our houses are printed for us. Our building sites are surveyed by drones and deliveries to the sites are automatically logged and photographed to prove delivery. TechnologyContinue reading “Is technology here to stay in construction”

Seek out opportunities during disruption

The light is shining at the end of the tunnel. The buzz and excitement of visiting cities, visiting the office and most importantly seeing 3D people! Gosh imagine that first handshake or hug (when allowed)! The positive feel at the moment is good BUT we must also not forget that we can’t just return toContinue reading “Seek out opportunities during disruption”

The UK Housing market

Commentary by Lee Wilkinson, External Audit Director, PwC  Published in Yorkshire Post 3 April 2021 Projecting house prices is challenging during normal times, but with the level of uncertainty currently present in the economy, it is even more complicated. While there are certainly factors that will support house prices in the coming months, there areContinue reading “The UK Housing market”