We don’t need another meeting

For those who are considered “office workers” there are a number of different aspects of the working day. Pre pandemic (to be generic) there would have been a day scattered with meetings, key messages being delivered by leadership (or maybe you are the leadership delivering), solving problems and building relationships with teams. Our workplaces areContinue reading “We don’t need another meeting”

We still need offices but the right office for the right team

There is a changing world all around us. It is changing how we approach work. The pandemic accelerated an evolution that had already started. There are two key parts to this – a cultural and a physical change. A reluctance to accept these changes and focus more on “presenteeism” will undoubtedly not end well. TheContinue reading “We still need offices but the right office for the right team”

The evolution of real estate in 2023

We are now in 2023. How did that happen? My fortieth year on this planet and how so much has changed. It is quite eye opening to have children. To see how they live their lives compared to how I did. All homework set on Microsoft teams, accessible by multiple devices and submitted online. TheContinue reading “The evolution of real estate in 2023”