Our health deserves better

Following my last blog: Built Environment & Our Health I have continued to explore the linkage between health and the built environment.  Our health can be split into mental and physical health. Mental health refers to cognitive, behavioral, and emotional well-being. It is all about how people think, feel, and behave. Physical health is theContinue reading “Our health deserves better”

PwC comments on the IHS Markit Construction PMI January Index

Lee Wilkinson, PwC Real Assets director, said: “The UK construction sector saw the challenges brought on by growing skills shortages, price inflation and supply chain issues reach a peak in 2021.  “Built up demand is now coming through, however, and recent announcements about investment in infrastructure and regional cities are positive and will help toContinue reading “PwC comments on the IHS Markit Construction PMI January Index”

The built environment and our health

The built environment is a key impactor on our lives. It can either support or harm our physical & mental health, our wellbeing and overall quality of life. Our homes where we live, our workplaces (which could be our home, office or another location), our leisure space and our learning space. They all cross overContinue reading “The built environment and our health”