Living under a rock has a new meaning!

We are hurtling towards November – how did that happen? The world seems to have so much going on as ESG, rise of technology and more collide and explode to create so many opportunities (but also threats to those unwilling to change). 

There are lots of videos and articles around at the moment talking about the creation of new cities – whether in an already existing city or an entire new complex. In this video Vienna is Building a $6BN “City Within a City” – a large-scale development on a former airfield. Vienna is a stunning city with significant amounts of heritage that need preservation but the city has recognised a need to move forward. A growing population needs space to live or run the risk of individuals moving to other cities. The solution is a $6bn development – housing, commercial and leisure space including water frontage. The development has a strong focus on innovation – technology, MMC and sustainability at its heart as it passes the third developed stage. A key part for me was seeing the statistic that 80% of people will walk, cycle and use public transport to move around the city. More cities need forward thinking like this. 

A slightly different podcast but very interesting – this discussion between Armoghan Mohammed and Simone Roche on having the belief and the determination to succeed really resonated with me. Simone is an individual I have come across many times but never did I really appreciate the back story (or that she lived in a boat). It really showed her passion and how that has benefited her. It also shows my taking a chance, some may say a risk, you can really achieve something. We all should look to ourselves to really challenge our purpose and how it benefits your self and society. 

Slightly a different topic but one close to my heart is this podcast from Gardeners World. I am a big gardener. I have never tried to force it upon my boys but they have naturally taken to it. Spending time outside. It started when we gave them free reign over part of the garden – two rules – (1) they had to look after it and (2) they could grow what they wanted (with some very limited rules). The garden has thrived and after 7 years is really starting to come established with noticeable yearly returns. It has taught them about how plants grow and what they need to grow. It gets them outside but also gets them to research items themselves. All in all it’s good. So a worthwhile listen is Family gardening – with Alan Titchmarsh to get further tips and guidance. Though do try to avoid the trampoline.

“You can’t avoid it. It is here to stay” – despite 30 minutes of great content the overarching message is very simply when it comes to ESG in Real Estate (and every industry really). The EG – ESG special podcast sees different perspectives from Derwent, DWF, Evora and Stride Treglown. The key message is that organisations need to be doing something. There is no longer a choice for simply saying in x years time we will do something. There is a key need for plans of how it will be achieved and measurable actions being tracked and delivered. 

And lastly this Saudi Arabian hotel is being built inside a mountain! A new concept for living under a rock is created. 

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