Last week: Skyscrapers, imposter syndrome and olympic success

Well last week I played catch up. The month of September was pretty busy and as such I have fallen behind in podcasts, articles and generally life! It happens every September – comes with the job – but between now and Christmas I can play catch up and consume lots of information. This month I also start the Real Innovation Academy which I’m looking forward to. 

This week I have been catching up with some videos from The B1M like this one called The World’s Greatest Compromise. Following the anniversary of 9/11 reading through (and watching) the video brings back the emotion of that day. The challenge of rebuilding what is the site of such an event that impacted so many people was never going to be an easy affair. There was always going to be a memorial – there had to be. The skyscraper alongside though couldn’t be flashy and showy. It needs to be fairly simplistic but carry a huge symbol for America. The project has completed and hearing the background in this video and reading the article is fascinating to understanding some of the challenges that were faced. 

In Olympics news, Brisbane will be the third Australian city to host the world’s biggest sporting event – and the Games will look a little different when they come to the city in 2032. 84% of the events at the Brisbane Games will be held in either existing or temporary venues, potentially making it the most sustainable Olympics in history. The B1M explores more in this article: Brisbane Confirmed to Host the 2032 Olympics

If you’re looking for a different listen I’d recommend this discussion between Susan Freeman and Joy Nazzari. The PropertyShe Podcast delves into the past experience of aiding companies to come to the stock market to help governments and companies design places that meet human needs. And by companies, boy does Joy work with some beauties: British Land, Argent Related and Stanhope to name three. A great example of how the sector does have some great role models to inspire future generations to join the built environment to make a positive change for the future. 

And more podcast catching up with this Bosscast from Blackstock. Andrew Teacher catches up with Nick Searl and Robert Evans, Argent’s joint managing partners and Partners of Argent Related – hearing more about the journey past, the present including the mega development at Kings Cross and what the future holds. Always inspiring to hear from leaders and hear the passion come through for what they do.

And lastly this Eat Sleep Work Repeat podcast touches on an interesting topic. I really found the discussion about imposter syndrome fascinating – for many years I always felt like I didn’t fit in so I worked extra hard to show I could achieve more. Did it get me anywhere? Not really or at least I didn’t think it did but having listened to this maybe it did. A great recommendation for my next book – though I’m getting quite a backlog. Thankfully I read about 2 or 3 a month. 

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