Tomatoes, chillies and a whole lot of oregano!

Another chapter comes to an end but this time it’s a Central American adventure. In late 2019 I received the cookbook “Mexico” by Rick Stein. Up to this point I enjoyed the life of Old El Paso and didn’t really stray far from this. From empanadas to fajitas Mexican food has always been tasty andContinue reading “Tomatoes, chillies and a whole lot of oregano!”

Living under a rock has a new meaning!

We are hurtling towards November – how did that happen? The world seems to have so much going on as ESG, rise of technology and more collide and explode to create so many opportunities (but also threats to those unwilling to change).  There are lots of videos and articles around at the moment talking aboutContinue reading “Living under a rock has a new meaning!”

What does #futureofwork look like for your organisation?

It’s now October 2021. The pandemic commenced early 2020. It’s been a long time really! It may also be a long time until organisations settle on what will work best for them going forward. Large or small, there is a need to determine what works best for business AND the employees. We’re all in thisContinue reading “What does #futureofwork look like for your organisation?”

A week of IRL, timber developments and waterslides

This week has been BIG. My first big networking event/awards of the last two years and boy did it feel good to be back. The atmosphere. The celebration. The IRL connections and also meeting people I’ve met virtually over the last two years – wonder how many thought wow he’s shorter than I imagined. CelebratingContinue reading “A week of IRL, timber developments and waterslides”

Technology and new materials could be the answer!

The world of construction needs to evolve and adapt. A number of recent issues have highlighted this – challenges with the supply chain, rising material and labour costs and a huge spotlight on the sector that contributes significantly (in a bad way) to climate change. There needs to be change but the good news isContinue reading “Technology and new materials could be the answer!”

Last week: Skyscrapers, imposter syndrome and olympic success

Well last week I played catch up. The month of September was pretty busy and as such I have fallen behind in podcasts, articles and generally life! It happens every September – comes with the job – but between now and Christmas I can play catch up and consume lots of information. This month IContinue reading “Last week: Skyscrapers, imposter syndrome and olympic success”