Dominoes, whale skeletons and Gotham City – what a week!

Another week goes by. It really feels like we are back in February 2020 but in the world of development and real estate there are more exciting things I’ve read and listened to too! 

In development news, The B1M shared this article around China’s new Science and Technology Museum is inspired by a cloud. Buildings have often been based on something. The Santiago Calatrava’s El Museu de les Ciències Príncipe Felipe in Valencia is like the skeleton of a whale. Imagine waking up and considering this. Yes architecturally I think it has character and flair. The cloud design from MAD Architects (interesting name) is for the building in Haikou, Hainan Province. The concept of having a building rising about the city seems to link perfectly to a cloud. Incorporating key design elements like natural light to flood light into the atrium and an overall setting in the city adds to making this design, in my opinion, a success.

Ahead of my holiday in 2023 this article caught my eye. So Zanzibar wants to build this conceptual Domino Tower! Certainly wasn’t in the brochure – just sandy beaches and low rise hotels was how it was described. A holiday resort that could house one of Africa’s tallest buildings in the next few years. Reflective no doubt of the way we live and the attraction of living is such a tropical location. The $1.3BN project is being developed by Tanzania’s AICL Group and Edinburgh-based investment company Crowland Management. The design is fairly cool (see below) and reflects the name. The history of the project comes from Asia but has now moved to Africa – clearly finding the right location is the way to make this work. It does show how even Africa now has a race for super tall and capital and money flows through the continent. 

In my ears this week is another Caleb Parker podcast asked the important question of What mindset is needed to create dynamic workplaces for a #WFA world? The podcast again reminds of the balance that is needed in determining policies for the future of working. Many employees want to come into the office for at least some part of the week – it may not be everyday and some weeks it may be no days but there needs to be choice, The business Wise explains how employees can take remote working days anywhere in the world and allows flexibility for individuals. This is all about empowering employees and trusting them. Wise is a FinTech business so in a way a relatively new organisation but new doesn’t mean they’re wrong or (pardon the pun) unwise. It shows an organisation that is adapting to the changes in society. 

The long-delayed 40 Leadenhall Street office scheme in the City of London is here. A total of 900,000 sq ft city office. The scheme is nicknamed Gotham City and has main contractor Mace. Conceived ahead of Covid-19 but progressed nevertheless. Quality offices in the centre of London will also have a home – how it is used is now the key question. The B1M have produced a great video taking us 

Inside London’s “Gotham City” Skyscraper – so check it out! 

900,000 sq ft city office project set to start

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