This week: Hybrid working, green cities and robotics

It’s a short week this week with a long weekend planned from 6pm tonight! The pandemic feels to have liberated the need to always be contactable for me and the fact that sometimes you’ll have to wait a day or so for a reply. It won’t be a relaxing weekend but it’s time with people that matter. 

Look around your house. No doubt there will be some form of robotics. It may be advanced – a vacuum cleaner patrolling the floor for dust or a more earlier version like a device to chop vegetables. Taking a task that can be automated or simply made easier is part of the evolution. The latest A-Z of Technology: R is for Robotics podcast from PwC explores Robotics. Many people are becoming worried about the rise of robotics (and that advancement will continue at a pace). It’s a valid concern but it depends on the nature of your role and your thoughts about upskilling. Dangerous, drole and dirty jobs are ripe for robotics (as do people truly want to do them). There is a need to make society fair but also productive and effective and using technology like robotics will help move that dial. The key is using it correctly. 

In development news Vancouver’s green new tower has its own waterfall – seeking to take in the surrounding landscape, this new residential development certainly takes design to a new level. Greenery in our cities and buildings is becoming more common (which is a good thing for all our wellbeing). This does drive more demand for people living in the cities. Irrespective of the pandemic there is still a desire for some to live in the city so developments like this are needed. 

Meanwhile over in China, things are starting to stack up. Literally. These stacked residential sky gardens are under construction in China building on phase one that was completed in 2017. Yet again a further community with splashes of green and sense of purpose with views of the sea and an open frame development. I have found sometimes cities (or locations with a large presence of high rise) can feel dark and confined but this seems to be addressing this by structurally creating something to start with. Building on the original phase will include playgrounds, an amphitheater, promenades and water features – sounds splendid. 

And last but not least I found this article interesting in the debate around workplace choice. LinkedIn’s hybrid work plans will be decided by Team Managers – which does make sense in the headline. Who knows what’s best for their team – you’d hope the team manager? What I really like about the policy is that it acknowledged that one size doesn’t fit all and having flexibility and choice could lead to attracting a more diverse workforce. An interesting one to follow as it and other evolve. 

 Thanks for reading and until next time, enjoy your weekend.

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