Completing a personal challenge

So on one of the hottest days of the year we thought it would be a great idea to, well climb a mountain. I mean what else would you do on a hot day. In February 2020, me and Kate decided we would climb Snowdon. Thankfully a pandemic put a stop on that for a little while but the time finally arrived and boy was it worth it!

We didn’t prepare by climbing mountains or doing long walks. We are fairly used to long walks so figured that would be enough however for the few weeks before we didn’t really do anything to prepare – work was busy for us both, birthdays for the children and much more.

A view from Snowdon

A personal achievement is unique for people and reflects what they consider important. For me my personal achievement is based on determination. Setting a target that is both spiritually and psychologically rewarding. 

Well I achieved mine for 2021. Some may say it’s not really an achievement but to set the scene: Over the last 12 months I have suffered from significant issues with my soleus and plantaris muscles meaning that even a short 20 minute walk could leave me in agony. For someone who loves nature and the great outdoors it’s quite a downgrade and a big impact on your mental health to not be able to do what you love. For seven months I have endured physiotherapists and a really positive attitude to try to get back in the swing. So leg injury is my first scene set. The second point is that I’m well….. overweight! So couple those two with the weather conditions above and it is all peachy. 

So on a hot July day me, Kate and the boys set off up Pyg. For those who have done the walk will know that it doesn’t really start gently. You’re pretty much scaling a hill within moments. For three hours we scaled up the track – pausing for photos, snacks and lots of water refueling. We made friends on the way. We shared stories. And then we made it. Though I’ll admit we thought Snowdon was a different mountain for most of the walk. 

Snowdon Summit

It felt like an achievement. Quite an accomplishment I think. We firstly were extremely proud of the boys for achieving this – but then they use duracell! I know lots of people climb Snowdon each day. It’s not a new thing but to walk over that “finish line” just filled me with pride. My legs were aching. My mouth was dry but I had a tear in my eye with pride. Next stop Ben Nevis I think. 

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