#Flexible working, public realm and apostrophes

In development news, the public realm has an important part to play in our cities. They create spaces that promote improved wellbeing. They make us feel better. In Leeds I have seen it by the positive sentiment towards the redevelopment of City Square but across the Atlantic (and on a different scale) there is the addition to the Hudson River waterfront. The Big Apple’s Little Island is a 2.4 acre floating park at a cost of $260 million. Cities have an important part to play in the wellbeing of people who reside there. With more people living in large towns and cities there is more onerous on creating public realm that benefits the residents. Living in TheOutdoorCity and having access to green space has been more important than ever to me but visiting some cities is sufficient? New York clearly has Central Park but with the size of the population there needs to be more. 

And more development news: construction begins on twisting octagonal skyscraper in Kuwait. There is a balance between design and practically when it comes to building and this one to me has a great use of geometry but also simplicity. The development has used BIM workflows and tools. Blended office space, meeting space and high atriums helps the overall feel of the building and likewise feels like a building that can work in the current climate. 

In my ear has been this hybrid working  podcast from PwC where Will, Prasun and Victoria answer questions raised on hybrid working. Great listening for those who are still unsure trying to determine their plan for the future but also shows the diversity of options that are available and a key factor of engaging with the workforce to ensure their views are included. 

On a different note I really enjoyed this TED talks by Susan Scott on ‘The Radical Case for Transparency’. The linkage to something a child has said reminded me of how Finley can trigger thoughts and reflections in my own mind. But some great advice and the key parts which stuck with me are about “breaking the rules” and “not sucking up”. More broadly than surrounding yourself with authentic people and seeking out connections. Great stuff and well worth a listen. And lastly is on a more personal level. Celebrating two birthdays this weekend makes you reflect and look back. I always find the journey of my children magical. Finley entered the world in a dramatic style which really made me think about life and prioritise what is important. Life is not about delivery all the time – it’s about a balance. Today is the first day of PwC’s new flexible working (here if you missed it: PWC – PwC announces new flexible work deal for employees ) – and it worked. Okay I’m writing a blog but that’s personal. I’m enjoying some time in a local cafe preparing for the madness of the birthday weekend.

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