Conversions, infrastructure and ethical behaviour!

Lots of discussion and conversations this week. Office versus remote debate is fascinating to watch particularly when you look at who is backing each corner. This week Convene went remote first. A provider of working space went remote first. It says it all doesn’t it really – that is truly walking the walk (and notContinue reading “Conversions, infrastructure and ethical behaviour!”

Can technology help construction?

A number of years ago Modernise or Die was published for the construction sector. Since this point there have been some improvements and changes to the sector but like always more can be done. The sector still has large elements of manual and “how it’s all being” mentality. It’s time to move on from old-fashionedContinue reading “Can technology help construction?”

Construction sector is adaptable and resilient!

My comments below from: The construction sector’s adaptability and resilience during the pandemic period has given it a strong foundation for growth. Lee Wilkinson, director in PwC’s construction team, explains: According to the UKEO, construction is among the few sectors to fully recover to pre-crisis levels. It recognises the sector’s adaptability to operating under lockdown restrictionsContinue reading “Construction sector is adaptable and resilient!”

#Flexible working, public realm and apostrophes

In development news, the public realm has an important part to play in our cities. They create spaces that promote improved wellbeing. They make us feel better. In Leeds I have seen it by the positive sentiment towards the redevelopment of City Square but across the Atlantic (and on a different scale) there is theContinue reading “#Flexible working, public realm and apostrophes”