Podcasts, pride and a spot of gardening!

Some weeks are quiet. Some weeks you don’t feel like you stop. My week was the latter! But two things really stand out from my week. To start the week, a shout out from Samantha McClary on the EG Sunday podcast. I think my love of real estate podcasts is obviously becoming wide knowledge! Seriously if you don’t subscribe do so! The week ended with what can only be described as pride. I have so much to be proud of with my children and Friday night allowed me to spend time with friends while Finley won not one, not two but three awards – players, managers and parents all recognising him as player of the year! He loves football. He doesn’t think he’s amazing. He’s so humble and supports his teammates and celebrates their success. It brought a tea to my eye seeing how proud of himself HE was and not just me and Kate. 

In my ears this week was the EG Podcast with Damian Wild discussing the future of the office. Specifically a discussion around how technology has allowed us to develop updated workplace strategies – though they need to have purpose and work for each individual business. You could see a scenario where eac business has a slightly different strategy that works for them. Talent may be attracted based on individual policies. The transformation of the office continues and this is the next step in that evolution. A worthwhile listen to hear the views of users in the market. 

In development news I had not really heard of Ningbo before this week. I feel bad that I haven’t as I’ve been told how important it is for shipping from east to west. Well in the space of a week the good people at B1M have shared two videos talking about it. In this article it explores The Ritz-Carlton will occupy the top of this 409-metre supertall in Ningbo – looking at the skyline of the city and comparing it to only 10 years ago shows how quickly this seaport city has come. 

And not forgetting this development, An IKEA store creating an entirely new public park in Copenhagen.    The rooftop garden, which rests 20-metres above the street, creates not just a lush new park but a new walking route that stretches one kilometre from the southern part of Copenhagen all the way to the inner city. Imagine if more developments brought this into our towns and cities! Creating truly special places as well as serving their ultimate purpose of leisure, retail or commercial space. 

In workplace culture I have moved back to re-reading this article Did extroverts ruin remote work for the rest of us? Having returned to the office (and being an extrovert) and thinking more longer term with my teams I am conscious that I do like to be kept in the loop and discuss items regularly – but I know some of my teams like to be given a chance to work through on their own thinking through the logic and then presenting back the findings in one go. The key is getting the balance between all parts of the team and agree a way of working that works for all. Get the balance right. 

And lastly those who know me know how much I love to garden. This podcast sees Arit Anderson discussing how we can be more sustainable in our gardens. There is the debate around using compost that contains peat but it’s much wider. I try to be conscious about how we use the space and land we have. Waterbutts was my first project – installing a few old containers to collect water at key locations – it doesn’t stop me having to water with a hosepipe but it certainly reduces it. Growing from seeds has also helped make us more sustainable and less dependent on garden centres growing plants. 

So as I sign off the weekend sat in the garden with the sunsetting I reflect on how fortunate I am – a garden space that allows me to just sit and the ability to read and listen to what is going on in the world around me.

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