An agile workforce needs an agile office

The future of the office. It has a future but what is it? With an even more agile workforce and technology enabling significant elements of work to be performed wherever and whenever – there is a need to rethink our offices.  Agility seems to be becoming a keyword. An agile workforce has large benefits andContinue reading “An agile workforce needs an agile office”

REthinking Real Estate, suspended railways and BIG tunnels!

As we hurtle towards the middle of the year and are now passed the longest day of the year it feels like on the horizon things are getting better. Me for one are looking forward to some time off over the summer to spend with family and friends.  In development news this caught my attention.Continue reading “REthinking Real Estate, suspended railways and BIG tunnels!”

How do you create an office you want to visit?

Weekends feel like weekends again. Time to reflect yet also feeling incredibly busy with the family. Just how I like it. Although I have recently been writing more about not going to the office. I thought it made sense to write a little around how the office may be in the future. How do youContinue reading “How do you create an office you want to visit?”

Sky houses, culture and no-more emails?

Another week closer to July. July is a busy month in our household. Other than me all other key birthdays and events happen. Both boys, Kate, our anniversary, both mums (you know the matriarchs). So I’m ending my week taking some time out to write a reflection of the week which has been filled withContinue reading “Sky houses, culture and no-more emails?”

The caterpillar office is about to spread its wings and fly! 

The transformation of the office has been ongoing for a number of years. We just haven’t really noticed the slight tweaks here and there. It’s more noticeable when you compare recent builds to those from a few decades ago. The transformation now though is ramping up. The office needs to become a destination for people.Continue reading “The caterpillar office is about to spread its wings and fly! “

Podcasts, pride and a spot of gardening!

Some weeks are quiet. Some weeks you don’t feel like you stop. My week was the latter! But two things really stand out from my week. To start the week, a shout out from Samantha McClary on the EG Sunday podcast. I think my love of real estate podcasts is obviously becoming wide knowledge! SeriouslyContinue reading “Podcasts, pride and a spot of gardening!”

Is technology here to stay in construction

So technology …. That will never catch on will it!  Well we are now in a world where robotic arms lay bricks in our houses. In some cases our houses are printed for us. Our building sites are surveyed by drones and deliveries to the sites are automatically logged and photographed to prove delivery. TechnologyContinue reading “Is technology here to stay in construction”