Better workplaces, community spaces and how to say “No!”

So another rainy morning meant writing was pushed into the conservatory but here are some audio and written pieces that have caught my attention this week that I wanted to share with you:

In MMC news, Countryside sets its targets for 5,000 MMC homes a year. This is great news to hear and a real testament to the benefits from MMC. There are now multiple modular housing providers ranging from a full home to components. For Countryside they have opted for their own factory giving them control over quality and output. Others have opted to utilise providers. There are becoming clear benefits for the quality and environment for adopting MMC. 

In office news one thing is for sure is that office will be used differently now more than ever and I think this The B1M video How To Build an Office: Post-Pandemic sums it up well, “Offices can fulfill their potential now”. The office is an important part of our working lives but for specific reasons. An office is great for creativity, collaboration and sharing of knowledge amongst teams. The video explores some key aspects for a future office – appeal, wellbeing and flexibility. All logical and sensible – certainly the wellbeing aspect, really focusing on air quality and green space within our built environment is a must for the future. 

In culture news have you ever had difficulty saying no at work? This is a great little video from Christine Liu at Harvard Business Review – How to Say No at Work – HBR Video – covering some common situations we find ourselves in at work. I did find this useful, but appreciate not everyone will. I think in the moment it is so easy to jump into our “helpful” and not look at the big picture for ourselves.

And sticking with the workplace hopefully as an organisation you have an idea of your working policies going forward but if not then this Make Work Better 10 Stage Guide to Planning Your Return newsletter has some good tips and advice of what to consider. 

Further to workplace in this podcast Caleb Parker discusses Salesforce with Michele Schnieder. What really struck me was how the organisation utilises its space, usually the top floor, to allow community groups access in the evening and weekend. As someone involved in the community I know it can be hard and/or expensive to find suitable space so this is a great initiative. Really powerful sentiments will follow towards the brand. 

And lastly in development news the area around Tokyo’s Shinagawa rail station is to be transformed into a global business hub. Under masterplan proposals by Pickard Chilton, the 1.6 kilometre site will be redeveloped to include seven new buildings, offering residential, office and retail space, all connected by a green public plaza. And it’s green!

Here is to the final week of May (how did that happen!!) 

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