Cruise ships, robotics and a dash of work-life balance this week!

Well this has been a funny sort of week. I usually write this in the garden on a Sunday afternoon over coffee. That was certainly not possible this afternoon with rain coming down so heavy to the point that my pond has overflowed!! So instead I have retreated into the conservatory. Surrounded by tomatoes, chillies and brassicas I bring you some reflections from the week:

In video news this week I have finally had a chance to properly watch The B1M video “

Norway’s Cruise Ship Tunnel Plan Explained” exploring a tunnel that Norway is about to construct for ships to navigate the Fjords. Firstly I enjoyed learning that models were mocked up to test the planned design. Simplicity always helps navigate the challenge. Then the Viking way in life – drag the boat over land! Probably less of an answer in modern times. Can’t imagine P&O asking the crew to get out and pull! But it’s another example of how we are able to solve problems through the built environment. 

In my ears this week has been another WorkBold Podcast between Alex Turner and Caleb Parker exploring should CRE help companies shift from office centricity. A hot topic to say the least. Alex co-authored a report on hybrid working – exploring the benefits of both worlds (home and office). Hybrid is a word. There now needs to be substance behind it. Clear defining attributes to both office and WFA (not just home but anywhere) and the linkage with the retention of talent. Fascinating discussion. 

In development news after last week there is another interesting design in China and this time it is the curvaceous Jiaxing civic center. Housing three core areas focusing on education and culture and incorporating green. Lots of green. A great example of how public buildings can enhance the local environment. 

In personal development news, I have spent a fair few hours this week on courses. Exploring topics like family life but also responsible leadership. In this video you explore Work-Life Balance but more in the sense of how our brains are built to do ALOT. We are generalists and therefore not as good as someone who spends all their time doing the same thing. We can be good at lots of things. I’d never thought about life like that. 

In construction news technology is here. You need to use it. Seriously. The good folk at The B1M have made this video on the 10 Construction Tech Trends To Watch – many of which are already being used and others being scaled up pretty quickly. Offsite manufacturing is one more prominent in the press with the likes of Urban Splash, Ilke and Countryside showcasing their product or latest facilities but with 3D printing and Robotics there is soooo much more to come. 

And lastly workplace culture is becoming more prominent in the news. We live in a world where we all need to think long and hard about what we say. Me included. A wise person once told me that you don’t write something down that you wouldn’t be happy being brought up in court. This Make Work Better newsletter touches on the subject perfectly well!

Until next week – let me know anything that’s worth listening to, reading or watching. Always looking to expand my mind a little further!

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