Better workplaces, community spaces and how to say “No!”

So another rainy morning meant writing was pushed into the conservatory but here are some audio and written pieces that have caught my attention this week that I wanted to share with you: In MMC news, Countryside sets its targets for 5,000 MMC homes a year. This is great news to hear and a realContinue reading “Better workplaces, community spaces and how to say “No!””

Making home working a success

Working at home can be a positive experience. You just need to make sure you are prepared.  With more people working remotely, you need to think about how you create an environment that allows this time spent to be productive. Remote working is a part of the future way of working and therefore we needContinue reading “Making home working a success”

Cruise ships, robotics and a dash of work-life balance this week!

Well this has been a funny sort of week. I usually write this in the garden on a Sunday afternoon over coffee. That was certainly not possible this afternoon with rain coming down so heavy to the point that my pond has overflowed!! So instead I have retreated into the conservatory. Surrounded by tomatoes, chilliesContinue reading “Cruise ships, robotics and a dash of work-life balance this week!”

There is still value in the office!

Our offices of March 2020 and before: are they fit for the post lockdown world? Do we need to adapt? What solutions could be implemented? There are a lot of questions – some businesses will know the answer and others will not yet have given proper thought. With an adapting workforce, what offerings do youContinue reading “There is still value in the office!”

1, 2, ….. 10,000! A wander into nature!

Time is finite. Energy is renewable. It is a favourite saying of mine and I think reflects how alot of us feel sometimes that time is up against us. Overlay to this a push to achieve the magic 10,000 steps. I mean surely that’s not achievable each day!!  “I’m too busy”. “I don’t have timeContinue reading “1, 2, ….. 10,000! A wander into nature!”

Sleep, culture and mangrove themed designs!

In workplace culture, this article explores how we can’t work do serious mental demand work for more than three to four hours a day. I hadn’t really every thought about my productivity in this way. I do realise that certain work activities are better performed at certain times of the day for me. I findContinue reading “Sleep, culture and mangrove themed designs!”

This week: conversions & podcasts

In workforce news, a Gallup study has explored what Gen Z and Millenials want from their employer and to be honest it’s not surprising – a focus on wellbeing, leaders who are ethical, open & transparent and a diverse and inclusive workforce. There are two angles to look at here. You can allow the workplaceContinue reading “This week: conversions & podcasts”