Just a few thoughts on construction

So let us take stock. After a year of pandemic, the exit from the European Union and the ever rising climate risk it’s good to take stock. Unsurprisingly the construction industry naturally has encountered challenges: shortage of materials, social distancing restrictions and amendments to contracts. There has been a year of conserving cash and re-assessingContinue reading “Just a few thoughts on construction”

Lockdown: One picture at a time

 It seems hard to believe that over a year ago our lives changed so dramatically. But as we approach the one year anniversary of the first lockdown it is a good time to reflect on the positives over the last year. I recently took part in an internal discussion Lockdown Stories where I shared withContinue reading “Lockdown: One picture at a time”

New World. New Skills

Back in September 2020, over a couple of days I had the opportunity to take part in the PwC UK digital academy. The digital academies (delivered virtually) are in place to help digitally transform our workforce allowing us to utilise data to solve business challenges.  Some people may have insight into Alteryx and Tableau alreadyContinue reading “New World. New Skills”