Amazing things come in small packages

Recently I’ve been looking through some old photographs. I found one of your older brother, aged 4, wearing some Paddington pyjamas. The same pyjamas you are currently wearing (yes sorry we recycle clothes!) at age 7. It reiterates that you’re a little behind in the height scale but who cares! Amazing things come in small packages.

I wanted to write down some thoughts on you. A reflection following many months with you at home with me. Needless to say 2020 was very tough for all of us. You joined the world 2 days before your brother turned 2. Mum really didn’t want Finley to miss out on his 2nd birthday but you had other plans as even though you arrived 2 days early, you had to stay in hospital with Mum. Score 1 to Euan. 

Over the years I could sum you up as cheeky, sociable and adorable. Your smile can cheer up the worst of days. A hug from you can squeeze out all the negativity from the day. That said you do have your darker sides which are mostly hidden behind closed doors. Having two children was certainly fun – filled with highs and lows. All you wanted from day one was to copy your brother. You seemed to do everything quicker, from talking to crawling and standing you wanted to do it all. That hasn’t stopped to this day. Despite the 2 years difference you are perfectly happy climbing the tallest tree or leaping across rocks. 

On some days you are simply your brother but a smaller version. You have so many loves the same as Finley – whether it’s football, eating or films & TV, but deep down you are your own individual boy. You are a much more thoughtful and caring boy. You are very emotive (particularly if you lose a game) but also the first to give me a hug in the morning and ask if I’m okay after a day at work (or a fall on the ice). This kindness you demonstrate sets you apart from your brother and has made you who you are. This is shown by your social abilities – I can see you as the leader in the class. Walking home from school with you is met by many children saying “hello Euan” and asking “how are you Euan?”

Even by Year 3 you continue to amaze me at your abilities – yours mathematics is coming along brilliantly, your writing is neat and in between strops you produce some amazing innovative artwork. Yet away from the books you again excel. In your first season playing for Penistone Church Under 8’s Blacks you have secured multiple Man of the Match medals and a goal or two. Pushing your way into the first team. You just put your mind to what you want and achieve it with such a determination. And your face just glows when you are proud of yourself – a spelling test, a picture or a football match. It’s infectious. 

Your dancing. You make me laugh. Not because you are bad at all but because you give it your all with some crazy moves. We almost need a wedding to go to so that you can strut your stuff on the dance floor. I’m less happy when you try to get me involved. I think it just sums you up that despite everything you see the simple fun in life and take it by the hand and dance it away. 

So my little-man, my Euie-Bob, and my little smiler. Keep being you. Keep your teddy bear stories, your dancing and your overall kindness to others. I love you for all of it. 

To Euan, from your Dad.

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