Can we print our way out of a crisis?

The concept of a housing crisis is discussed in many contexts each day. The housing crisis or problem is nothing new, it’s just become topical to highlight it more. The housing crisis has been many years in the making caused by a lack of new houses being built. The public sector has abandoned large scaleContinue reading “Can we print our way out of a crisis?”

Amazing things come in small packages

Recently I’ve been looking through some old photographs. I found one of your older brother, aged 4, wearing some Paddington pyjamas. The same pyjamas you are currently wearing (yes sorry we recycle clothes!) at age 7. It reiterates that you’re a little behind in the height scale but who cares! Amazing things come in smallContinue reading “Amazing things come in small packages”

After the storm comes the rays of sunshine (hopefully)

On 16 March 2020 the lives of many changed. On the same date the previously bustling buildings in our towns and cities suddenly became rows of empty chairs, desks, floors and so forth. The workplaces of many are reduced to kitchen worktops and sofas. The ordering of office furniture sees a sudden surge as theContinue reading “After the storm comes the rays of sunshine (hopefully)”

Planes, trains and swimming lessons

A blog from a few years ago, still relevant in today’s world. I recently read a statistic that 42% of the UK’s working age carers are male but only 72% are in employment. It that good or bad? It feels bad and has certainly made me think about my own personal situation.  I’m just aContinue reading “Planes, trains and swimming lessons”

The modern world of construction

I wrote the below blog in 2019 for Constructing Excellence. Having re-read I can see a lot is still topical and the modernisation of construction still has a fair way to go, although credit for the progress made by many. The firms disrupting are still doing that at different paces. Sekisui House has formed aContinue reading “The modern world of construction”

Time is finite, energy is renewable

In the PwC Leadership Development Programme we explored ‘Resilience’ and the concept of “Don’t be a boiling frog” with our future leaders in Yorkshire & North East.  The pressures of work and life can creep up on us all and start to impact how we feel and ultimately how we perform. A challenge many faceContinue reading “Time is finite, energy is renewable”