Technological advancement of the home

Our lives are being changed by a rise in technology – and our homes are being dramatically changed alongside. 

There is rarely a day goes by where I don’t have a discussion with one of my children that involves the sentence “in my day” when breaking up an argument. There are large parts of everyday life where technology has weaved its way in. We track our exercise (mainly steps) on smart devices. We listen to music on smart devices – whether in our home or on the go. The boys complete their homework on iPads. Stepping back though, a lot of this advancement has occurred in recent years and thinking back to my own childhood (and discussing with parents) the progress then didn’t seem as significant – maybe a combi fridge-freezer or a cordless phone. Technology is exponentially growing. 

The British love affair with home ownership and the rise of a generation of renters share one thing in common – technology is a big part of their lives. Technology in both scenarios can be used for different purposes. For investors and owners of rented accommodation, technology (or data) can be harnessed to further enhance the experience of the tenants (increasing the value add). For homeowners it allows the automation of our lives to, well, make life easier. Yes data is harnessed for homeowners but serves a different purpose. 

Creating a seamless experience to our lives is maybe not something we aspire to want but somehow we implore it to continue integrating into our every move. Operators can utilise data to really optimise and innovate. 

Our homes can now be secured. Devices acting as doorbells and CCTV can stream our homes to us whether we are. Being in the USA and being notified that DPD is delivering a parcel is seamless. Being able to also then talk to the driver and give instructions takes to the next level. I read recently that trials were occurring which allowed the delivery person into our homes via security cards (monitored then by indoor cameras). 

Devices such as Alexa, Google and Siri (and no doubt others) allow us to control devices across our home. It’s 6:30am. Radio 2 starts playing as the blinds slowly rise letting the outdoor world in. Seamless technological routines. Even the boys have created their own routines. 

Although it’s difficult to know what the future holds, it is clear that it involves more technology. The TV programme Years and Years took many “ideas” of today and showed them in practice – how long before Alexa (and others) is integrated into the walls. The film Minority Report showed personalised advertisements as we walk, which are now becoming reality. We seem to not fully know the future but have imagined it already. We’re now just creating it and our homes are a great test base for how our lives are being improved (or maybe not depending on your view).  

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