Some reflections on what next!

In an unprecedented year for many of us there is a lot to look back on and feel that progress has been made. There are however areas where more needs to be done.  In 2020, Proptech has become more familiar within the everyday. There is now a significant number of proptech businesses in both theContinue reading “Some reflections on what next!”

Technological advancement of the home

Our lives are being changed by a rise in technology – and our homes are being dramatically changed alongside.  There is rarely a day goes by where I don’t have a discussion with one of my children that involves the sentence “in my day” when breaking up an argument. There are large parts of everydayContinue reading “Technological advancement of the home”

How a tweet or two can help your wellbeing

My article, as published in Estates Gazette 20 November 2020: Social media tools have undoubtedly changed the way we communicate with each other. A new form of communication that allowed us to be connected to friends, family and strangers, sharing and consuming all forms of information. But there is a debate about whether socialContinue reading “How a tweet or two can help your wellbeing”