Work from a beach but is it productive?

In the same day two interesting articles relating to the current way people are working.

Fancy working from the beach? Well why not. I’m not sure how productive I would be but I guess the key point is that we don’t need to be in a large city within commuting distance of the office anymore. In the return to normality I could see a blend of locations for working and have often taken opportunities of extending weekends by working from an overseas office.

The second article highlights “home work” hasn’t been productive. There are two parts here. The first is that the current circumstances aren’t helpful. In an ordinary my children would be in after school classes, at their friends and so forth – but they’re at home! Naturally that will impact my productivity but it won’t last forever. Secondly I don’t think full time work from home is what people are after but a blend of locations WHICH would make the days at home more productive!

Just some thoughts…. any from you?

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