Work from a beach but is it productive?

In the same day two interesting articles relating to the current way people are working. Fancy working from the beach? Well why not. I’m not sure how productive I would be but I guess the key point is that we don’t need to be in a large city within commuting distance of the office anymore.Continue reading “Work from a beach but is it productive?”

Thoughts on the future of the high street

The high street has been going through a change for a number of years but the current Covid-19 situation has accelerated a need to reinvent the high street to account for a fall in instore retail sales and no doubt a reduction in footfall with significant office workers now spending some time at home.  2020Continue reading “Thoughts on the future of the high street”

Thoughts on the future of the office

You should work from home. No work from the office. A discussion rumbling on. A question that really has no right or wrong answer to it. And is it really about the office or more about how people and companies engage? To determine the future of the office you need to think about the peopleContinue reading “Thoughts on the future of the office”