Stepping into October

In October 2016 I joined the LandAid Yorkshire Board. 

Although it may have been an obvious choice – as the property industry charity – for me it was more personal than that. I can’t say I have ever been in a situation where homelessness has been on the agenda. I have a working class background that supported me into higher education and the career I am now in. However I have seen it. It is all around and what’s worse is that it impacts all walks of life. As a father I find it difficult to comprehend that my children had no home. They both would as well. But the fact is it that there is youth homelessness and LandAid is out there giving grants to charities across the country to help end it! 

This year I took part in #Steptober – come rain or shine I hit the countryside and achieved over 200,000 steps. Did I raise thousands. No. But did I raise some awareness with my friends, family and other connections. Yes. I felt better for it but most of all I made an impact.

My eldest son donated £10 to me. He can’t understand why children would have no home. This amount of money to him is a month of pocket money but he thinks it would be better with LandAid. I have always tried to raise my children not in my image but so that they understand right and wrong in the world. They both seem, on their own, want to learn this. They know to turn out lights. They know about recycling.  It makes you feel proud that some of your actions have had a positive impact on someone. Long may it continue. 

You can learn more:

You can donate (should you wish):

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