1/2 August 2020: Caramel, Kebabs and Chicken Sandwiches!

This weekend for #currysaturday it was Shami Kebabs. I’d put these off for a while as the picture made it look difficult. Amazing how a picture can invoke such as a response.

However I was proven wrong, mainly by my 7 year old who did most of the world – proving thus forth that either it was easy or that Euan is a cooking genius. The jury is out.

These could easily be made in advance and simply reheated prior to serving. I took the option of no rice or naan but could easily be added for those who need “that” in their lives.

The second attempt of the weekend was for #mexicosunday and featured goat’s milk. Caramel (again sounds difficult) was made. Caramel was again extremely simply and by god it tastes amazing smothered over ice cream.

But ofcourse you can’t have pudding before the main! So it was Californian Chicken Sandwiches – Chicken, Avocado, Tomato, Lettuce or “CALT”! From start to finish this took 20 minutes (and even washed the pots while the chicken cooked).

So a weekend of trying new things. Overcoming fears of “difficulties” and tasting amazing food!

Recipes from: India and Mexico by Rick Stein.

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