Think to the future – innovate, digitise and be resilient!

“Never let a good crisis go to waste” Winston Churchill Mr Churchill really was onto something with this quote. A crisis, let’s be honest, is not pleasant for many. The last few months have seen heartache for many reasons and the future will no doubt bring bad times to many. The point of the quoteContinue reading “Think to the future – innovate, digitise and be resilient!”

More than machines: The importance of talent in PropTech

Walk into any shop, office, house or apartment built within the last few years and it’s patently clear that the property sector today is about far more than just bricks-and-mortar real estate. In a world of constant innovation, where the demands of tenants, landlords and agents are evolving rapidly, the property space is in aContinue reading “More than machines: The importance of talent in PropTech”

A few thoughts on technology

From the moment you awake to the point you close your eye technology, and specifically AI, is impacting your life. Some of the examples are as simple as autopilot or cruise control in the vehicles we frequently use or even just the wizardry that recommends what programmes we might like. Artificial intelligence is set toContinue reading “A few thoughts on technology”

Flatbreads, tortillas and a healthy dose of margarita!

I’m often asked how I decide what I’m cooking at the weekend. I’d love to say there is some kind of formula but in truth it’s basically a case of turning the pages and seeing what I fancy. This does create two challenges: For #CurrySaturday – 18 months in means all the “fancy items” haveContinue reading “Flatbreads, tortillas and a healthy dose of margarita!”

The importance of developing our future leaders

Published by PwC – 18 January 2019 The future success of any business is dependent on the calibre of the people within that business who are able to deliver and implement the future strategies. A key to that is the ability to attract talent and skills within the business but also creating a cultureContinue reading “The importance of developing our future leaders”

Proptech – How can real estate companies fully embrace technology?

Published by PwC UK – by Lee Wilkinson Leader of Construction & Real Estate in Yorkshire & the North East You could sum up 2019 as a year of progress, due to companies embracing technology to some extent, but full-scale adoption of digital technology is still some way off for the real estate industry. Over theContinue reading “Proptech – How can real estate companies fully embrace technology?”

The integration of technology into construction is a must

Published May 2019 by PwC UK – From online shopping platforms in retail to the rapid automation in the manufacturing sector, technological advancements are revolutionising the way businesses operate and is improving efficiency levels at a rapid pace. The construction industry, however, has lagged behind in this global technological revolution. But given pockets ofContinue reading “The integration of technology into construction is a must”